Learning LSL Through Telepractice

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Families of children with hearing loss want to know and understand how to help their child learn to listen and talk. Telepractice is a great way for families and professionals to take their LSL journey online, make intervention accessible, and strive for the best possible outcomes.  Let’s get started exploring what telepractice means for your LSL journey!

How does LSL intervention fit into daily life?

Listening and spoken language practice focuses on guiding and coaching families to be their child’s first and most important teacher. LSL intervention helps families understand and use LSL strategies and techniques in their regular routines. The daily life of the family becomes a tailored LSL curriculum. Creating an auditory-focused life will help children with hearing loss become exceptional conversationalists. Everyday moments can become listening and spoken language teaching opportunities.

How does telepractice work for LSL intervention?

LSL intervention is all about guiding families to learn the strategies to teach spoken language through listening. Telepractice is an effective tool for professionals to use as they coach families to understand and implement helpful strategies into daily life. Professionals connect with both parent and child at home through a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Telepractice creates an opportunity to maximize the child’s own environment and build parents’ confidence and understanding. Parents and children can practice what they learn over and over again in their various daily routines!


LSL professional offering telepractice session to mom and baby with hearing loss over computer
Below are resources for families and professionals to get comfortable with telepractice as a tool for partnering together to maximize the LSL outcomes for children.

Get Started

Use these helpful handouts to get started delivering LSL intervention through telepractice.

Keep Going

Download additional handouts to help integrate LSL strategies into daily life at home.


As the mother of a young child with cochlear implants, Grace shares her perspective about receiving LSL intervention services through telepractice.


Grace recommends telepractice for families of children with hearing loss as an effective way to learn essential skills in their own home.

Hearing First Webinar

Our Time for Telepractice webinar offers tips and strategies for parents and professionals to partner together for successful sessions.

Additional Resources

These resources from professional organizations provide further guidance on planning and delivering telepractice to children and their families.

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Families of a child with hearing loss are encouraged to join the Family Support Community to discover great tips and resources, e-meet other families on the LSL journey, and engage in helpful conversations.

LSL Professional holds baby with hearing loss as mom reads a book aloud
Professionals working with children with hearing loss can join our Professional Learning Community to access learning experiences, resources, industry updates, and connect with over 4,000 professionals.

Continue Learning

We’re opening access to two telepractice learning experiences we offered in the past. You can explore at your own pace watching video clips and recorded live sessions. You can also download various resources and materials. 

Additionally, we encourage you to continue the learning with available courses in our learning experiences catalog. These courses will provide the knowledge and practical insights to enhance your LSL strategies and impact child outcomes! Professionals can also earn CEUs with certain courses. 

For each of our online learning experiences, learners gather in a private group space to access the course content. Courses include resources such as videos, articles, handouts, and quizzes to help learners comprehend, apply, practice, and reflect on the content of each session. Courses with live interactive sessions are held on Adobe Connect, our virtual classroom, with the course facilitator.

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