Hearing First is Turning 4!

It’s been an incredible four years since we launched Hearing First. We’re so grateful you’re here on this journey with us.

With your encouragement and support, together we have continued supporting families and professionals to help children with hearing loss learn to listen and talk by sharing their stories, inviting them to connect with others like them in our online communities, and by building LSL knowledge and capacity with our digital resources and in our free online learning experiences.

Did You Know?

Free Online Communities
Free Online Communities

We have 4,585 combined professional and family community members and counting who are connecting, sharing, and learning from one another in Hearing First’s free online communities. Join a community and meet other adults on the same journey as you.

Powering Potential Podcast
Powering Potential Podcast

This year, we launched our first season of Powering Potential, a podcast that explores life on the LSL journey. Listen to the podcast to hear from real families who share their fears, struggles, and celebrations as they teach their children with hearing loss to listen and speak.

LSL Life
LSL Life

We just released our third season of LSL Life, an online storytelling platform showcasing the incredible stories of children and families thriving with Listening and Spoken Language. Find hope and inspiration for the LSL journey at LSLLife.com.

Watch the "Did You Know?" Video Series

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Set Goals: Practical Tips to Learn 40 Million Words
Design Your Home: How to Create an Optimal Listening Environment
Get Silly: Singing to Support Brain Development
Serve and Return: Grow Your Baby's Conversation Skills
Read Together, Learn Together: Daily Reading Makes Lifelong Partners
Tell Me About It: How to Create Meaningful Interactions with Your Child
40 Million Word Goal

Did You Know? Your Child Can Hear 40 Million Words by the Time They’re Four!

Just like us, your child will celebrate some incredible milestones and have many learning opportunities before they turn four.

By the time your child turns four, they’re able to hear more than 40 million words. Research tells us that children who hear at least 40 million words or more in the first four years of life develop early conversational skills, learn to read on time, do better in school, and have more communication opportunities in the future.

While the 40 million word count seems lofty, we’re giving you easy-to-use tips and resources to help you reach this goal and make sure your child’s first four years are just as rewarding as ours have been!

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